5 Automotive Tools Every Auto Owner Needs

Automobiles are sizeable investments. As a car becomes more complex and automobile technology improves, the tools that come with the vehicle become more and more essential. Auto shops that specialize in the repairing or servicing of specific car models or models will have a variety of automotive tools at their disposal.

The automotive tools that come with a vehicle are designed for use specifically by that vehicle. Without the right tools, an auto owner will be unable to do certain things, endangering the safety of the driver and other people on the road.

To ensure that you are getting the most from your car or truck, make sure you are only buying the most essential automotive tools. There are a variety of invaluable automotive tools that every car owner should have at her disposal.

There are some tools every auto owner will need, but five are particularly important for safety and the maintenance of your vehicle. For safety and the maintenance of your automobile, these five tools are important for having at your car’s disposal:

auto tools

A jack and a jack stand

When something under your car is wrong, you need to be able to change the mechanism to remove the item. For instance, you will probably need a jack to change the locking mechanism in order to remove your tire before you can drive away or get to the road.

Accidents can happen when you are changing accessories or parts at home. For this reason it is important that you are able to use a jack and that you know how to use it before you invest in a car. Knowing how to use the tool effectively can not only ensure that you change your tire easily and safely, but it can also ensure that you are able to come out of a dangerous situation without a serious injury.

A flatbed truck

Your vehicle is probably designed to carry only you and maybe a spouse or child. However, maybe you have a project going on under your hood and you need to haul large parts and tools around. In this case, a flatbed truck may be helpful to have on your vehicle.

A flatbed takes up much less space and has capabilities that are much more useful than a traditional truck that is designed to carry material. Hauling large projects around requires extreme caution. Never try to haul a piece of equipment on your tow truck in anything other then a proper truck with a lifting mechanism.

Weight Distribution

The Jeep Wrangler and the new Wrangler models pros and cons alike have made their position on the market very distinct. The Jeep Wrangler can be used off road quite easily, but some have found it difficult to deal with poor traction on wet or snowy roads.

The newer Wrangler models correct this problem by having more chassis flexibility and by having a more optimal weight distribution.

Air bags

Today’s vehicles feature front and side air bags. These can help maintain control of the vehicle should it deploy. Though drivers may not appreciate the added weight, those who are involved in wrecks are thankful that air bags are included in the vehicle.

Air bags save the lives of those involved in accidents. Today’s vehicles have become so safe that air bags are considered standard equipment on most new cars and trucks.

GPS systems

A GPS system can help drivers find their way to high way points, such as a ski resort or other points of interest. This can be very helpful if the driver is lost or suffering from low blood sugar levels and is therefore unable to drive themselves to a desired destination. Sometimes GPS systems have error codes, which cause the system to malfunction.

A warning light will also pop up on the GPS screen if the GPS system thinks the way they are suppose to be looking for is incorrect. These features make GPS systems essential for families who regularly have wildlife camp in their proximity.

With so many benefits, it is not surprising that anyone would want to get their hands on a GPS system. Most GPS systems, like the one included with many cars, can be purchased for under $100. If you cannot afford a high-end system, then you can get it from several GPS wholesalers.

For those families who are hoping to make trips more safely these days, research has shown that a GPS system can save lives. An effective GPS system can allow for the safe designation of GPS way-points, saving the would-be driver time and fuel when he or she is stuck trying to locate a way point name.

Although many people have GPS systems hooked up to cell phones, it is not the best idea to attempt to decipher a map on a cell phone. Instead, a GPS system with Bluetooth option is probably the best option, allowing the driver to stay focused on the road while still making quick bids for GPS way-points.

If you have pets and are headed to the beach, a GPS system can help find your way to your destination.