Lenny Kravitz Shares Pics of his Ripped Outdoor Jungle Workout Body at 56

Lenny Kravitz is 56 years old and getting younger and fitter each day. The Are You Gonna Go My Way rocker isn’t the first person to imagine about fitness. But he proved everyone wrong with his recent Instagram post.

He recently posted an image to his Instagram account that shows him with an unbelievable figure and one that certainly belies his 56 years of age.

The iconic rocker looks remarkably similar now in 2020 to just about any photo you can find from his 30 year career—partly due to his dedication to physical training that helps him stay lean and energetic when he performs onstage.

The Carribean star has taken the most out of Pandemic during lockdown. Kravitz decided to jet off to the Bahamas – his ancestral home – during the Covid pandemic. It’s clear now that even though he may not be afforded the same sort of gym facilities as he would have access to in the US, he’s still been able to keep his body in ultra-ripped shape.

“My best shape is not behind me,” Kravitz said in a cover interview for the latest issue of Men’s Health. “It’s in front of me right now. We keep moving that bar as we get older.”

The training routine has been a staple since the late ’90s, when he began working with trainer Dodd Romero in Miami. Typically, the regimen mixes fasted cardio sessions in the mornings, weightlifting during the day, and more cardio just before bed.

Image – Instagram/Lenny Kravitz

As the Miami Herald reports, Kravitz tagged Fruits N’ Roots in his Instagram image. This image has been reposted with the hashtag #36HourFast, implying Lenny has adopted a fasting diet, before eating fruit. As we’ve covered before, intermittent fasting can be beneficial for those looking to lose weight, as well as those looking to put on muscle.

Lenny Kravitz Diet

Kravitz has long been one of Hollywood’s most vocal vegans, following a strict plant-based diet for some time now. A tour through his fridge conducted by Men’s Health unveiled pretty much a sea of green. Kravitz himself has actually taken the diet one step further by choosing to eat raw veggies.

He uses his properties Brazil and the Bahamas to grow his own food. Lenny always ensures that the fruit and veggies he does eat are as nutritious as possible. He claims to go lengthy periods adhering either to an entirely raw diet or cutting out fruit sugars entirely, eating purely vegetables.

However he also says that his cheat meals are packed with carbs, primarily consisting of bread, pasta, pancakes or waffles.

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