International Day of Family: Importance of Family in Our Life

International Families Day is celebrated at the headquarters of the United Nations and around the world on 15 May. It was officially proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993 with resolution A/RES/47/237 and the day represents how the global community connects families.

It provides opportunities to spread awareness about issues relating to families and to increase knowledge of the economic, demographic, and social processes affecting families.

Special Report on International Day of Families 2022

International day of families is celebrated every year on 15 May. The purpose of celebrating this day is to make people aware of the importance of family and to motivate them to live in a joint family as much as possible.

We all know this thing that every person is born into a family and he is also identified with that family. Family is the link that keeps all the people of the house in one thread. Without family, human life cannot be imagined. It is the family that supports us in every happiness and sorrow.

Why celebrate International Families Day:

The reason behind starting the celebration of Family Day is to keep connected people with their families all over the world and to spread awareness in society on family-related issues. World Day of Families is celebrated every year on 15 May to show the importance of family and its usefulness.

The main objective of International Family Day is to make the youth aware of the family so that the youth understand the responsibility towards their family and do not get away from it. By the way, this day is also known as One Day of Peace and Sharing.

Why joint family is important:

The joint family had a lot of importance in ancient Indian civilization, which seems to be slowly dying out now. Due to increasing urbanization and social development, now joint families are seen only in the village.

The growing urban migration and the competition to move forward have destroyed the concept of a joint family. The ability to provide support to the family used to be only in the joint family, which is no longer visible. Indian society is moving towards a nuclear family while people from outside countries like America and Europe are now understanding the importance of a joint family.

People are completely unaware that the unity of the family is a sign of its strength, which never lets any member of the family break. Now families have started disintegrating, there is no unity among people, there is no love among themselves, due to which a different level of frustration starts increasing in people.

In a joint family, the physical and mental development of the children is well done. If there is a patient in the family, then in the joint family, the arrangements for his care and food are made by the members of the family together.

If there is unity in the family, then at the time of any kind of crisis and happiness, together they find some solution for it. The family understands the smallest needs of our life and fulfills those needs. Today we all are aware that the nuclear family is facing thousands of problems. Married life does not last long. The future of the children also seems to be shrouded in some uncertainty.

When did the celebration of Family Day begin?

World Family Day was first celebrated in 1994. Although the foundation of this day was laid only in 1989. The United Nations General Assembly, in its resolution 44/82 dated 9 December 1989, declared the International Day of Families to be celebrated every year with the aim of telling the importance of family in life. Later in 1993, the UN General Assembly in a resolution fixed May 15 as the date for Family Day. Since then, World Family Day started being celebrated every year on 15 May.

How to celebrate International Family Day:

On the day of International Day of Families 2022, exhibitions are organized in different cities to show the importance and utility of family. In addition, there are workshops, seminars, and policy meetings. Most of the events are organized by the United Nations. Various campaigns are also started on this day to strengthen families around the world.

Family Day 2022 Theme

The family members came closer to each other during the Corona period. They got to spend more time with each other. The theme of World Family Day in 2021 was ‘Family and New Technologies’. At the same time, for the year 2022, the United Nations has kept the theme of World Family Day as ‘Family and Urbanization’.

Best Wishes For Family Day:

  • These blood relations are very precious, don’t waste them, take my share too, and don’t build a wall in the courtyard of my brother’s house.
    Happy family day.
  • You can grow happily only if your family is happy. So laugh openly and live every moment of your life with enthusiasm. May your family always be filled with happiness and prosperity. Wishing you all a very Happy International Family.
  • I have a small family in this lovely world, I get so much happiness as if every day is a festival. Happy Family Day 2022
  • Family is the strongest pillar of one’s life, always cherish this pillar with love and care. Best wishes and love to all the family members on the occasion of International Family Day!!!!
  • I have loved many and many have broken my heart, be it good or bad, my family has never left my side. Happy Family Day 2022
  • If there is family, there is happiness, if there is family, then there is happiness, if there is family, then there is life, lucky are those who have got the family and love of everyone. Happy International Family Day!!!
  • When your family stands by your side, there are smiles all around you. Many congratulations on International Family Day.
  • Let’s together celebrate a day which is the name of family, let’s spend happy moments together, because today is International Family Day. Happy Family Day 2022
  • Received name from father, sanskar from mother, love from grandfather and caress from grandmother, got along with brother and love from sisters, this is my beautiful world. Happy International Family Day!!!

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