Instagram Allows Users to Add Pronouns On Your Profile – Learn How

Instagram users have been requesting the social media giant for adding gender identity pronouns on the platform. Now Instagram have launched a dedicated section for pronouns, which allow users to add their gender identity to their profiles.

As per reports, users can add up to 4 pronouns on their profile. They can be selected from a list of dozens of options, including she, he, they, ze, ve and many others, to prevent users from adding inappropriate words. Instagram is planning to update the list of terms over time.

Adding pronouns is completely optional, but if you do choose to add them, they’ll be displayed in faded text under your profile name. You may need to update your app to get access to this new feature, but once you have it, here’s how to add your pronouns from the Instagram app for both Android and iPhone.

How to Add Pronouns To Instagram Profile

Adding pronouns to your Instagram profile is quite easy. You can select up to four from the list of the pronouns added by the company.

  • Go to your profile and click “edit profile”.
  • Select the “pronouns” option under your display name and type any pronouns you want to select.
  • In the same section, you can choose if you want to share your pronouns publicly or privately with your followers only. 

The new feature, which is optional, is currently available in a few countries, but Instagram did not give any further details. The company says it plans to roll out the option to more countries in the future. 

Several other platforms already allow users to add their gender identity to their profiles, including dating apps like OkCupid as well as rideshare companies like Lyft. Facebook has allowed users to share their pronouns for years, but the options are limited to he/him, she/her and they/them. 

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