Biography of Kalpana Patowary: The lady who made ‘khadi birah’ famous

Kalpana Patowary is an Indian playback and folk song singer. She also participated in the reality show Junoon – Kuch Kar Dikhane Ka (2008), which aired on NDTV Imagine. Although she is known for singing many of her folk songs and for her fabulous voice.

Early life of Kalpana Patowary:

Kalpana was born on 27 October 1978 in Barpeta district of Assam. She studied English literature at Cotton College in 1996, and she also studied Indian classical music in Lucknow. She started performing publicly at the age of four.

She was introduced to the Assam folk songs namely Kamarupiya and Goalporia in her childhood by her father Bipin Patowary, who is himself a folk song singer.

She practiced Sangeet Visharad in Indian Classical Music at Bhatkhande Music Institute University, Lucknow. She has also sung many Bhojpuri songs, including Poorvi, Pachara, Kajri, Sohar, Vivah Geet, Chaita, and Nautanki.

Kalpana worked very hard on the works of Bhikhari Thakur and made an album based on his life and works.

Kalpana Career:

As a Singer

Kalpana Patowary is the first Bhojpuri singer who introduced the age-old tradition of Khadi Birah on the international stage. In this film, Mumbai has been shown through the eyes of laborers who have come from far away places. Along with the visuals, there is also music in it.

She was also called on a 15-day visit to Latin American countries by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs at the occasion of Indian Arrival Day. She is also the first female singer to sing Chhaprahiya Eastern style whose song was recorded. Before this, only the voices of male singers were recorded in this style.

As a Political Person

In July 2018, Kalpana joined the Bharatiya Janata Party in Patna. During this time, its President was Amit Shah and the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Sushil Kumar Modi was associated with it.

Why was Kalpana treated like an Untouchable?

Language is public property, everyone has a right to use it in their own way. If there is abuse in the language, then there are prayers also, it depends on the speakers which words they want to use.

There are always two parallel rivers flowing within the language violence and non-violence. If there was ever obscenity in Kalpana’s songs and now she wants correct, then it is her right.

During a program in Arrah, Kalpana heard the hundred-year-old Ramagya Ram, who had accompanied Bhikhari Thakur, singing and felt that the real raga, the real pain, is here! Then she discovered and sang the compositions of the Bhikhari Thakur.

It is a matter of pride for any language when one of its poets can change the way of thinking of a modern singer! Where it should be welcomed, we are treating that singer like an untouchable. It was absolutely wrong.

In fact, the insistence on purity in the language is a brahminical approach. There is a classical style of makeup, a Bhades style. Neither should applause be reserved for the classical style nor should condemnation be the only option for the Bhades style. Both entertain the people in their respective periphery.

Kalpana comes from Assam. She sang the songs in many languages. Relatively more famous found in Bhojpuri. This was also the reason for her criticism that by coming from Assam, people thought that she spoiled the atmosphere of the Bhojpuri industry. While the fact is that, Kalpana became a part of that market to continue her struggle with such kinds of songs that were in the Bhojpuri market.

Our fellow agitators of the Bhojpuri language should focus their attention on drawing a long line, creating something new and supernatural. To get a bigger space for yourself, it is better to establish yourself than to dismiss someone.

Some interesting facts related to Kalpana Patowary

  • Kalpana Patowary practiced music in Indian classical music from Bhatkhande Sangeet Sansthan, Lucknow in the year 1996.
  • In the early days of her music, Kalpana used to sing folk songs with her father in small programs in Assam. At the age of 12, after singing Bhojpuri songs “Hum Na Jaibai Sasur Ghar Mein Baba” and “Raat Sapna Diche Diya Hum Ko” in a stage program to be held in Assam, her mind moved towards Bhojpuri industry.
  • She made her Assamese music album debut with the song “Neela Neela” in the 2002 Assamese film Kanyadaan.
  • Kalpana Patowary made her first step in Bhojpuri film industry at the age of 20-21.
  • Kalpana Patowary considers Bhikhari Thakur as her mentor and makes albums based on her life and works.

Kalpana Major Nominations, Recognitions & Awards

  • Best Bengali playback singer female- hit item song “Koka Kola” – film Faande Poriya Boga Kanande – 12th TELE CINE AWARDS  – Kolkata 2012 – SCIENCE CITY AUDITORIUM, KOLKATA – 7th APRIL 2012.
  • Best song folk category – Bhojpuri chhath song “Saiya Chali Aawa Karat Bani Chhath” – Chhath album “Aage  Bilaiyya  Peechhe  Chhati  Maiya” – BIG STAR IMA AWARDS – 11th March 2011, Mumbai.
  • Best Item Song category of the year – song “Aila Re Aila” – Hindi film Khatta Meetha – Radio Mirchi’s 98.3 FM’s – 3rd Uninor Mirchi Music Awards –- 27th of January 2011, Mumbai.
  • Most Popular Marathi Singer – ZEE  TALKIES  – Maharashtra Cha  Favourite  Kaun – People’s Choice  Award – 2010 – song “Sarkar Aahoo Sarkar” – film Gallit Gondhal  Dillit Mujra – 29th October 2010, Grand Hayatt, Santacruse in Mumbai.
  • She has been recognized with Bhikhari Thakur Samman in Calcutta, Bhikhari Thakur Samman in Jamshedpur, Swar Samragee, Bhojpuri Swar Mallika, Bhojpuri Sewa Samman, Bhojpuri Sangam Samman, Panchamrit Samman, Atkrista Gayak Samman, The Bhojpuri Queen to name a few. She was entitled with “Bhojpuri Samragee” and “Swar Kokila” for popularity contribution to the folk music of Bihar by the Uttar Pradesh and Bihar governments.
  • Shaan-e-Awadh International Film Festival 2011. Nominated & screened in  BEST FILM CATEGORY – 18th November to 20th October 2011 at Lucknow.

Kalpana Famlous TV Shows

She participated in the reality show “Junoon – Kuchh Kar Dikhaane Ka” (2008) on NDTV Imagine.

Anchor for FOLK JALWA, Etv Bihar

Mahua Channels SUR SANGRAM -1 & 2 Kalpana as judge

Mahua Tv’s children’s music reality show NEHLE PE DEHLA – “Nanhe Suron Ka Maha Sangram”.

Mahua Tv  for the new musical reality show –“ Suron Ka Maha Sangram” with Bhojpuri Superstar Manoj Tiwari

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