Diet, Nutrition and Healthy Living

Diet and nutrition products have helped many people with their weight loss or muscle gain goals. From protein powders and bars to herbal diet remedies and other nutritional supplements, they have made it much easier to follow a diet plan or program vitally important in achieving healthy and gradual weight loss.

The best way to deal with weight issues is to follow a macro-nutrient balanced diet using all food groups. But some people will find it easier to strictly follow the diet plans suggested by dietitians and nutritional experts. And these people are sometimes able to experience remarkable results.

One of these people is David Wolfe, the author of the best selling book on nutrition, Eat to Live. In this book, David Wolfe claims that it takes between Water, Vegetables, Fruits, and Nutrients to keep your body healthy and active. In order to live, we must consume these things daily. Wolfe believes that the root cause of the majority of obesity problems is the imbalance of these nutrients in our diets.

Skinny people need nutrition and healthy living tips

skinny people who want to shed weight will get much worse results if they only rely on supplements and vitamins alone.Since, weight loss is a function of body composition and abdominal fat, the first macro-nutrient that we should focus on is fat.

Every sheet of our skin is mostly fat and our numerous fat deposits throughout our body are protected and held in place by this layer of adipose tissue.

The problem with the diet industry is that although we hear dietitians swear by certain zero carb diets, that magical weight loss begins and ends with the macro-nutrient content of our diets. Although the certain type of diets may dictate certain macro-nutrient percentages; the fact is that for most people, a diet that is more tightly focused on the macro-nutrients, but less on the proportions of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, will provide a more effective diet.

Here are some of the best healthy living tips for persons seeking to maintain a healthy body weight.

Lipid alternative techniques

This is by far the most effective method to lower triglycerides, proven to be more effective. The most effective method to approach triglyceride reduction is to reduce the amount of fats in our diet and to replace these fats by either protein or carb powders.

Our body first utilizes carbohydrates before it utilizes fats, so if we eat too many carbs or proteins our body will likely turn to these building blocks first.

Camu Camu berry

There have been numerous studies that show that carb optimized diets are the most effective. A group of specialists who have studied the Camu Camu diets have devised a special drink that uses the Camu Camu berry in combination with the Aloe Vera plant to achieve peak bone density and weight loss results.

These specialists recommend supplementing your diet with 50 to 70 percent carbs and 20 to 30 percent protein in the form of fruit and veggie powders or bars. To maintain these impressive results, a vegetarian diet needs to be followed.

Low Processed Food

A good rule of thumb is to eat natural foods that have been processed as little as possible. Highly processed foods only increases the bad cholesterol (LDL). If you are to eat a diet free from trans fats, do not worry over the type of margarine or cooking oil you choose.

The most important ingredient is to avoid a diet that is high in saturated fats. It is believed that saturated fats will damage your heart and that is why we need to avoid butter and commercial packaged products that are high in saturated oils.

Balanced Diet

We need a wide variety of whole, natural foods because that is what a healthy diet consists of. Even if we only stick to natural, whole foods, our body will reap the benefits as our cells get the vitamins and nutrients they need to function optimally. For a quick reference on which foods are high in saturated fats, here is a list.

  • butter* milk* red meat* cheese* poultry* eggs* cereal* peanut butter* white bread

Glycemic Index

In terms of weight loss, a low GI (glycemic index) diet is the better option. The lower the sugar intake, the slower the digestion of food and the slower the sugar leaves our blood stream.

Simple sugars or refined carbohydrates, leave almost immediately enter our blood stream and immediately spike our blood sugar. Complex carbohydrates or starches take longer to digest and do not spike blood sugar.

Veggies and Fruits

Vegetables have been the primary food in the for centuries and if you wish to lose weight, consider eating lots of vegetables. Vegetables are high in fiber and low in calories.

Fruits are great for snacks and between meals. The sugar intake is minimal because the fructose (fruit sugar) is considered the natural sugar.

According to a friend who is a competitive bodybuilder, having 40 grams of fructose can play havoc on an otherwise healthy metabolism.