Celebrities Also Known For Their Body Parts

Talent and hard work are great and all, but sometimes, to get ahead in showbiz, you have to use your whole body. But not the way you think.

Since social media is on the rise and keep growing every year, it has become easier for people to become famous. There have been multiple instances where people became famous overnight. And when it comes to the platform where people instantly become famous, Instagram is that one place where people get millions of followers or doing amazing things or for the stupidest things.

In this article, we’ll be talking about celebrities who are famous also because of their body parts. Yes, you heard it right. So, let’s begin and show you who these lucky humans are.

Miranda Kerr’s Dimples

Miranda’s famous dimples make her look like a cute baby and visually rejuvenates her. This feature is probably why many women ask plastic surgeons to give them dimples, like Kerr’s.

Miranda Kerr’s dimples, has its own beautiful shape. Look, her dimples are not only shaped a spot on her cheek, but more than that, her dimples appear to form vertical lines, and its vertical lines, adding special texture on the face of Miranda Kerr

Natalie Dormer’s Smile

We all remember Nat and her quirky smile from the Game of Thrones. She was very lucky that a pinched nerve didn’t paralyze her entire face but instead made her more memorable.

It is shocking how much Natalie Dormer looks like Elsa from frozen. She has lopsided smile which makes her looks like a fairy.

Kylie JennerLips

Kylie claims to never have a cosmetic treatment but Khloe Kardashian has confirmed that she has done a lip job. Though Jenner has previously maintained that her buxom lips were due to over-lining and over-lining alone, in recent years she has admitted to receiving fillers to keep her pout perfectly plump.

Kylie Jenner also had butt implants and boob job done recently. Surely that voluptuous figure is thanks to butt implants and a boob job? And those plump lips have had a helping hand, too? Well, here’s what we know about Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgery treatments.

Kylie Jenner Before and After Lip Job
Kylie Jenner Before and After Butt Implant

Miley Cyrus – Tongue

First thing Miley does when she sees someone is sticking her tongue out like a little brat. According to some sources, the singer insured her tongue for a million dollars.

It was quite a strange thing to do, but her transition from the Disney world to adulthood must have affected her more seriously than we thought.

Miley Cyrus’s ‘thing’ is sticking out her tongue. She stated that her ‘tongue’ thing is not for attention but to divert the insecure feeling of camera. Especially when asked to do something she didn’t want to do.

Angelina Jolie – Lips

Angelina Jolie remained the crush of people in 90s and 2000s. Can you guess why? Yes, her lips. Jolie’s Lips has been her centre of attraction.

Angelina has the most famous lips in the world. The envy of women for years, her lips appear totally natural and unaltered by plastic surgery.

Kim Kardashian – Butt

Have you ever dreamt of a Kim Kardashian kind of butt? Kim, 39, has always sworn her butt is 100% real, and from the likes of her sister, Khloé, who also has a sizeable derriere, it truly does seem to be a natural Kardashian trait.

However, some have argued this doesn’t mean she hasn’t had sculpting or fillers to shape her waist and hips- something they have also accused Kylie and Khloé of having done to give them their perfect hourglass shape.

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