Buddhist Meditation – Zen Meditation – What is it Really?

What people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs have in common is first and foremost a deep inside pursuit of happiness. But what part of that happiness is it unclear? What is it that is beyond happiness itself? Some people would say happiness is the pursuit of happiness. That sounds well and good but it’s not the whole story.

To fully understand the nature and purpose of life we need to explore a little further. What is it that is beyond our normal passions and interests? Surely pursuing our passions and interests is the essence of living? Not at all! What we are pursuing is a greater object, and a grander view.

Life itself is not the only aspect of existence but the human mind! How so? Our normal habits and interests are narrow, relative, biased and imaginative. They are well-encompassed within the scope of what we choose to believe as possible. That can change instantly.

Our normal minds are a little like playing the mingling keys on your keyboard. As soon as you switch to another function suddenly the keys to that notebook happen.

Suppose you see an antique version of a typing device. You can play around with the keys and see what happens. When you type make sure to use the left hand for everything. The same happens with your mind! Who controls it? Your mind is yours, isn’t it? It’s yours for as long as you will be here on this earth to live.

But when someone somehow lets us down that’s when the tricks come out. We go through a guilt trip rather than go deeper. While our body is here, our mind and fore-mind may be in a different world. That is where it all comes back to what is beyond and above your normal life experience. What is it that unites our mind and body? No one escape. nothing!

In Zen meditation we explore these questions, above all others, all of our life. We are not interested in where this path will bring us. We are interested in making this path. Each one of us is a different painting of a infinite palette of eccentric colors. We are single rounded infinity, the beginning and end of One whole One. It is total freedom!

The experience in Zen meditation of transcending the human mind helps us to more deeply grasp this idea. What does Zen meditation do? It helps us to find our way home. It tells you that you are not lost, that you can find your way back if you choose too. In one Zen meditation a woman named Ch’ien was suddenly overcome by visions of the limitless, eternal and immeasurable vacuums in each of our bodies as infinity bubbled up to the surface of the deep, unconscious mind.

I am one of those people who am forced to shake off the veil of judgment in order to see the World as it really is. I can see the change of seasons as a man is overcome by man-made closet metaphors. It became obvious to me that it is an intentional exposure to a thought process of unconsciousness.

Through this exposure I became able to see that the world of humanity is one of dualism. It is up and it is down, good and bad, you and I. Gandhi said it best ( Suppose a man be known as a Nothing Man. Then it is only proper that society recognize the Nothing Man in their midst. If we are One man, then all be One. I am Not and I am Not. We are not united as One! Someone got to underscore this message.

Then again what if all the air ( Like water ) is taken up by the Right Mind. Then are all the Minds in the Universe One mind? Or is it mind dominated just to the extent that the Man insists upon it. We have all seen a person with a big head. I thought at first that that one was the case until I realized that all the air is held in our lungs, all the water is held in our Hearts (as all the air that we breathe ). So on one hand we are one human mind, but on the other hand we are a collective mind. We are a Part of One.

It came to me that we cannot recognize our true being until we are able to open up to experience ourselves as One with everything.

We need to travel deeply within ourselves to face our own darkness, our own light and love and beauty of existence. That is true personal experience. That is true meditation. It is more than the hours of a day we spend at our job. It is not what we earn or what we accumulate.

It is the life we love each step of the way. So, if the Zen meditations are true meditation, then are the lives of a thousand people. How would you like to experience your own darkness and light for and in devotion in your every day life?